A R M I - Marketing. Advanced Research Methods in Marketing Since May 2002, A/R/M/I-Marketing is a member of the Millward Brown International network. This brings to our clients the access to full servicing on the worlds leading advertising and brand equity research tools by Millward Brown.
Quality control
Consumer Attitudes Matter when it Comes to Brand Loyalty
Google will tell you that the definition of loyalty is “a strong feeling of support or allegiance,” but the most influential recent work on the importance of loyalty in brand building focuses almost exclusively on behavioral loyalty (frequency of repeat purchases), with little reference to what people feel.
Three things every retailer needs to know about search marketing
There is a lot more than click-through rate to understanding the impact of search.
Better product or better brand.
Is it really a choice?

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The company history dates back to 1992 when multinationals entering the emerging Russian market and their local counterparts oriented on import activities required basic information on various industries, export-import operations, potential business partners. Over the following five years, we provided consulting services to many of our future research clients. Gradually their interests shifted towards better understanding of Russian consumers, their preferences of products and services, brands and advertising.  And we followed the client’s needs, re-orienting our services in 1997-98 fully towards marketing research in the territory of Russia and the former USSR and research-based consulting.

A/R/M/I-Marketing is specialized exclusively in custom-tailored research and does not conduct omnibus, syndicated or other multi-client studies. Our consulting experience of working in one team with the clients and their advertising agencies lets us design and carry out research projects, which outputs are successfully implemented in practical marketing activities. Our philosophy is that we do not offer our clients simply and only research, we facilitate their guaranteed better marketing decision-making through:
1) the widest spectrum of advanced research methods available to us; 2) superior quality control and 3) unmatched consulting experience with clients from various industries.

In May 2002, A/R/M/I-Marketing joined the Millward Brown international network of companies. We received access to data and knowledge bases of the world’s leading brand and advertising research company and were fully trained in all Millward Brown tools. This made the full servicing on renowned methodologies such as advertising pre-testing Link™, brand and advertising tracking ATP™ and brand equity study Brand Dynamics™ available from us to multinational and Russian clients. These and other acknowledged leading research tools have successfully complemented our methodological and practical experience and offering in concept and new product/service testing, packaging, price elasticity, qualitative expertise and other types of research solutions, which results in that we are fully capable of meeting our clients’ research needs.

In June 2004, upon opening of our office in Kiev, A/R/M/I-Marketing and Millward Brown extended the cooperation to Ukraine. This gives Ukrainian, multinational and Russian clients the access to advanced research methodologies, information and consultancy servicing at the dynamic and developing Ukrainian market. 

A/R/M/I-Marketing and its staff are members of ESOMAR, AMA and the Russian association of market and public opinion researchers OIROM.

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