A R M I - Marketing. Advanced Research Methods in Marketing Since May 2002, A/R/M/I-Marketing is a member of the Millward Brown International network. This brings to our clients the access to full servicing on the worlds leading advertising and brand equity research tools by Millward Brown.
Our techniques
Millward Brown
Our techniques
  • To forecast sales of new or existing products


  • þIncorporates seasonality, distribution and awareness changes
  • þAdjustable methodology: techniques of calculation of sales can be adjusted with time to allow for more accurate forecasts
  • þInstant change of model parameters (seasonality, distribution, awareness)
  • þCan be integrated into other instruments (ad testing, concept testing, etc.): results of further development can be easily incorporated into the model with sales forecasts recalculated
  • þReview of methods with clear relationship Task best approach?


  • Consumer Preference System creation after the test that allows to do much of recipe fine-tuning and improvement
  • Complete chain of research strategic - design creative tasks


  • Covers approaches at each step of NPD
  • þOptimisation of profits, sales, or volumes
  • Understanding of who and how contributes to your brand
  • Instant validation against retail audit data
  • Weighting by awareness and distribution
  • Easy-to-use simulation software for clients
  • þResearch system that allows to answer any question related to packaging: change of format, change of design, new packs, etc.


  • Specially designed research output that goes to design agencies and can be used in their work


  • Comprehensive evaluation of product or positioning concepts with the precision of a volumetric tests


  • Full diagnostics of the concept that allows to identify areas requiring change or improvement


  • Unique approach to the evaluation of concept?s emotional attractiveness


  • þSegmentation that joins needs-based and brand choice criteria approaches with brand positioning/imagery to provide actionable recommendations
  • þQualitative method to relate category needs and consumer profile to brand choice criteria


  • Diagnostics of brands


  • Often used at qualitative stages before segmentation or brand equity studies
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